Link to VHSG Donation and Expenses Details

Although Virtual Homeschool Group is all volunteer and has no paid staff, we do have significant expenses necessary to keep our courses running. Each month, we have around $1,310.00 in monthly expenses to keep our site running. Some months are a bit more since we have some costs that hit once a year.

For MINIMUM expense months, here is a summary of where our costs go:
      • $295.00 - New server for new websites (just had to increase plan to add more storage)
      • $550.00 - Old server for old websites (will go away once old site is fully transferred) 
      • $190.00 - Online classrooms 
      • $175.00 - Help Desk 
      • $100.00 - Other software/subscriptions/fees (this can be higher some months)
This year and last, it has been challenging to get enough donations to keep up with expenses as we have to pay for two expensive servers.  We hope to close down the old server hopefully after December, but that depends on admin team work and personal schedules.  In addition to volunteering significant hours with VHSG, we have jobs outside the home and homeschool our own kids.  We can only work so fast and the items left to transfer are high level things only a few of us can do.

Thank you so much to those of you that have already donated.  Your help is appreciated so much!

We do encourage families to consider making a small monthly donation.  A small monthly donation may be easier on your budget than a larger one time donation.  With many families giving even a small donation, it goes a long way toward keeping our site up and running.  

The page linked at the top of this page below the header is a detailed list of our needs for the year.  


We have just set these programs up, so please consider participating in them.  Every amount we can receive through our affiliate and fundraising programs is an amount we do not need to receive in direct donations.  But they only work if people use them.  Many of things are affiliates or give credit to VHSG for purchasing things you already use.  You just need to use our affiliate links and we get credit.  Please consider participating in one or more of these programs to help us pay our bills and keep our site running.  Details about these programs are in other sections of this course page.


Please consider a small monthly donation.  Many families working together will us reach our goals.