Homework Help - 2022-23 Temporary Course

Homework Help - Especially Math and Science

We are looking for volunteers to monitor a help desk to answer student homework questions.  Most questions will be worked through the email help desk system, but there will also be an online classroom where volunteers and students can meet upon request if students need additional help on a topic.

This will replace the Open Office Hours we have had in the past.

Volunteers will be able to choose which courses they are comfortable helping students with.  If you are comfortable with middle school math but not senior high math, that is fine.  It will be a team effort on the help desk and tickets can be filtered by the course students are asking for help with.  

The more volunteers we have, the more quickly students will be able to get help.  If we only have a couple volunteers, students will need to wait longer and may not be able to get as much help.

The help desk will be a communication resource we can use for teachers in all classes, but we want to be able to have extra volunteers to be able to support AYOP students in math and science, especially.  The more volunteers we have, the more support we can offer our kids.

Please consider helping.  This is an easy way to get your feet wet volunteering, even if you can't commit to teaching at a specific time each week.  If you work during the day, this may be a great fit for you, since you could answer student questions in the evening.

Volunteer for Homework Help on the Help Desk

To volunteer, please contact our Teacher Recruit Team at vhsgteacher@gmail.com.  They will work with you to let you know more about our classes and what is involved with volunteering with us.  There is no commitment to teach if you contact them, so feel free to email if you just want to learn more.

We need committed teachers by JUNE 30 in order for classes to run live this year.  If classes get listed too late, attendance ends up being low.  If you aren't sure of your work schedule as far as days you can teach, at least get your final commit to teach in to the Teacher Recruit Team prior to the June 30 deadline.

Tentative Course Schedule

You are able to sign in and help with help desk tickets whenever your schedule allows.